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Zacker ADventures and Mosko Moto Partnership

Zacker ADVentures and Mosko Moto has decided to team up to show riders a great product for their Backcountry ADVentures! We at Zacker ADVentures have found the soft luggage set up to be a much better set up for any adventures for weight and safety than hard luggage.

Why Mosko Moto soft luggage?

A soft luggage set up allows for two things, weight reduction and rider safety. The soft luggage is must lighter weight than an aluminum pannier set up, hands down. This allows riders to feel more comfortable off road and much easier to wake up a napping ADV bike.

Soft luggage is also safe, for the rider and the luggage itself. When a heavy ADV bike with aluminum panniers decides to lay down on the trail, it can come with more damage than just your pride. The damage can include dents, scratches, and even gouges. With Mosko Moto durable soft luggage, a ride can lay his/her bike down and not worry about having to have a beat up aluminum box to try to reshape when they get home. They also don’t have to worry about their legs getting caught between a rock and a hard… pannier.

If you have ever dabbed and had your leg caught by the aluminum pannier, you have experienced pain almost equivalent to trailer hitch sticking out in the parking lot that isn’t hooked up to a trailer! Be safe and reduce weight with Mosko Moto soft luggage.

What gear do we use?

We at Zacker ADVentures have done a complete switch on all of our bikes. Todd’s 1200GS is equipped with the 35L Backcountry Soft panniers topped with a 40L Duffle. Nick’s 650GS is equipped with the Reckless 80 set up and each bike holds a Molle 4L pouch for water or fuel. We have also decided to go with a Fatty tool pouch add-on so we could cut down the bulkiness of the bike and get rid of our tank bags. Contact us with any questions you may have about which set up would be best for you and your backcountry adventures!

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