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NEXX and Zacker ADVentures looking toward the future.

As motorcycle instructors, when asked about what helmet is best for ADVenture riding or riding in general, we always say to buy a helmet that will protect you the best while staying within your budget. We understand helmets can get very expensive and sometimes that means picking up a bottom of the line helmet for $50-$75 at your local dealer. How much should we spend on a helmet? What certifications should we look for in a helmet?


The best answer to the first question is, however much you value your head. We chose to wear NEXX XD-1 helmets because we feel it is the best in comfort and protection in the mid price range when it comes to helmets. Price doesn’t always determine comfort and protection though.


The certifications determine how much protection the helmet will provide. The XD-1 proves its protection level with three different certifications: ECE/22-05, DOT, and NBR-7471:2001. We find that the more certifications the better and with the XD-1 it definitely passes and goes beyond our standards of comfort and protection for ADVenture riding.


If riders have any questions about the XD-1 helmet and how it is a great helmet for ADV riding, feel free to email us at or call (757) 345-9080.

Keep an eye out for our video and written reviews of the XD-1 helmet coming soon at

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