Motion Pro BeadPro Bead Breaker

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Overall:           Rating Wheel4

Ease of Use:   Rating Wheel4

Pack-ability:  Rating Wheel5
We were at Outback ATV Park in Laurinburg, NC. The sand was too deep for my worn Continental TKC80s, so we did a quick tire change to a new set. The bead breaking ability of the BeadPro by Motion Pro worked perfect. It took a try or two to get the technique, but when I did it worked flawlessly. I was very happy with the easy of use and the fact I can carry only those and not have to carry the larger spoons I used in the past. The bad is, the spoon side of the Motion BeadPro is not as deep as I like. I like the larger deeper spoons better, but if you are taking a long trip these will help cut weight and take up less space.

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