Unfiltered Footage Videos

We aren’t always playing the roll of instructors. We have to have fun too! These videos show you some of our own Unfiltered Experiences. Check them out!

GS Trophy Winner Charles Lucht!

Charles Lucht was the 2015 BMW GS Trophy Challenge Qualifier for the East Coast. We decided to follow him around around for a little fun in the gravel and see what its like to ride with such talent. Check it out and see if you’d be able to keep up!

Sand Whoops!

Sand is a challenging terrain to rip through, let alone just ride through. This is a video of our President and CEO Todd Zacker ripping through some sand whoops in North Carolina. Want to learn to ride like this? Sign up for our ADV Ride and Camp 201: Sand and Suspension course in February!  Learn more and sign up today on our events page.

TVR Rally 2015

We do many rallies throughout the year, but the Twin Valley Rally is one of the first rallies we instructed at. Check out this video of the 2015 TVR Rally and get excited to register for this years rally! The event and tickets will be posted in our events page so keep a lookout and get excited!