Unfiltered Class Videos

Are you getting excited for the Unfiltered Experience you just signed up for? Or are you wanted to see what we can do for you? Check out these class videos and promotions to see what we can do for you and what is to come next!

ADV Ride & Camp 201: Sand Laurinburg, NC 2017

This a promotional video for our ADV Ride and Camp 201: Sand and Suspension course we will be hosting in February of 2017. Check it out then visit our events page to sign up today!

Adventure Ride & Camp 201 Laurel Fork 201

Did you sign up for a 201 course and aren’t sure what to expect? Check out this video of our 201 course back in 2015. If this seems like something you would be interested in then sign up today for a 2017 event on our events page!

WV ADV Pre-Ride 2015

This video is a pre-ride before one of our classes in West Virginia. Our classes consist of instructional time as well as a ride afterwards to use the skills you have just learned. Check out how we prepare for our courses and get excited for your Unfiltered Experience!

TVR Morning Skills 2015

The TVR Rally is one of the first rallies we instructed for and the tradition continues in 2017! Check out our Morning Skills Session before the TVR ride and get excited for registration for this years TVR Rally. Keep an eye out on our events page for information and tickets for the Morning Skills Session.