AMA and Zacker Adventures

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We are very excited and proud to announce that Zacker Adventures is now officially an AMA Sanctioned Charter and will have all of our events sanctioned by the AMA. This allows us to host events for the motorcycle community and provide the best and safest education for our riders. We want to thank all of our supporters and the AMA … Read More

SENA and Zacker Adventures

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We are very pleased to have Sena as our newest Affiliate with Zacker Adventures. We have been using Sena products for two years and are very excited to partner with such a great company and product. This year is looking to be another great year for ZA and now with Sena, we will stay connected to our students and capture … Read More

Ride Report: The Blue Ridge Trail – Day 5 & 6

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Day 5 After a warm shower and a great night’s sleep, we were ready for another day. It was a short ride up to the mountain to the FS road over Williams Mt. Wet leaves and fog so thick the guys said all they could see is a little red light dancing in front of them. What had been a … Read More

Ride Report: The Blue Ridge Trail – Days 3 & 4

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Day 3 This was hands-down the easiest day of riding on the whole trip. Beautiful weather, perfect raods. We were able to run 171 miles that day with probably around 85% gravel. We had fun riding the few paved roads we found – one that twisted and turned, and the others just some roads into town. We stopped at a … Read More

Ride Report: The Blue Ridge Trail – Days 1 & 2

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From November 1st, 2015 to November 8th, 2015, I traveled 1,235 miles. In that time, I saw 600+ miles of dirt, 1 million rocks, 50 mud holes, 25 creek crossings, 2 bear cubs, and changed out 2 tires. These are my notes from riding the Blue Ridge Trail (BRT). Day 1 I left home around 8am and made my way … Read More