Zacker Adventures is an adventure motorcycle riding and training school for riders interested in improving their technique and skills.

Our mission is to bring value to the ADV motorcycle community through knowledge, experience and instruction and to build a community of the 5% who use their bike for it’s intended purpose and introduce the opportunity to at least 5% more.

Todd Bio PhotoZacker Adventures is headed by Todd Zacker, who is an experienced off-road rider for 35+ years and on-road for 27+ years. He is just a rider who believes that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. His goal is to help others overcome their fears and take those roads they once believed they couldn’t. Todd is First Aid CPR/AED certified.


Nick TN 2016 R1200GSNick Zacker, the mastermind-to-be, is a young rider with many different styles of riding under his belt. He has 12 years of off-road experience riding an 85cc two stroke all the way to a 450cc four stroke. He made his transition to road at the age of 16 riding older sport bikes and getting right into big adventure bikes. He uses his skills learned from Todd over the years to control his big bike like someone who has been riding for 25-30 years.


Meet Chad Corbett, our Photographer, Marketer, Trip Leader & “Ginger Recovery System” (drop your big bike and you’ll understand). He started on big bikes in 2008 and was self-taught and traveled solo until meeting Todd in 2012 at which point they fell into the habit of putting ADV bikes to the test all over Appalachia and spending more time riding and camping in a year than most do in a decade. Chad’s big dream is to travel the world on dirt roads living simply, sharing the sport with as many others as possible through teaching, writing and photography, developing fresh drinking water for those in need, making friends (anyone who will tolerate his stories really) and of course disposing of gourmet food & wine every chance he gets.